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Big August of 2013 DSI merged with 5 other high-end home technology integrators, and the new company is called VIA. For new blog posts, visit us at Be sure to bookmark our new site and subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the box on the right side of the page.

VIA is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. VIA's clients enjoy state-of-the-art home technology including home theater, home automation, IT networks, and custom audio video solutions that integrate elegantly or disappear entirely into the home's design. As the nation’s largest and most-awarded home technology integration firm, VIA is uniquely qualified to provide its clients with an intuitive user experience, reliability, and concierge-level service. Visit to learn more. 

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The IMAX Private Theater - THE Best Home Theater System...Period!

IMAX home theater Los Angeles

In marketing, the term "The Best" is often used much too casually...sometimes we tune out what comes after those words as mere hyperbole. This, our dear readers, is not one of those times. Everyone knows what the IMAX Experience® is; we pay more money at the box office to be immersed in the larger, lifelike images and superior sound you can literally feel. You are pulled into the become part of the movie. Their clever tagline is "IMAX Is Believing™". Well said.

Your IT Network - Would You Buy a Ferrari With a 4-Cylinder Engine?

DSI Entertainment IT network

You already know we are living in a very "connected" world...even high-end coffee makers are Internet-connected these days. We increasingly rely on the Internet for so many things, and you need your network to be as reliable as possible. Our home IT network is the thing that increasingly connects us to the world, connects our home devices together, and if using a home automation or lighting system, connects us to our homes while away. All of us get frustrated when things stop working, and we find there are far too many network issues that people are needlessly suffering through. The reason...poor-quality components and IT networks that aren't properly designed.

ihiji - Get the "Hee Bee Gee Bees" out of Your Home!

happy client









When it comes to enjoying the many benefits of modern home electronics like the Internet, WiFi, home theater, whole house music systems, home automation systems, and lighting controls, we all want to feel at ease from convenience and lifestyle benefits from the technology, like the guy pictured above. Since we live in the real-world, though, sometimes we feel like (or are) the screaming guy when something stops working. Live without an Internet connection?? Shyaa....right!!

Architectural Horror Stories - Technology Assumptions Gone Haywire

ceiling detail
This follows up the previous post about why it is recommended essential to call your electronic systems integrator early in the design process. (If you haven't read that post, you can do so here > Architects and Interior Designers, Here's Where You May Be Blowing It). While that post focuses on the many aesthetic benefits we audio video designers bring to the table, this post will focus on more extreme uh-ohs that we've witnessed.

No names will be shared, just experiences. Afterall, I don't want to get shot! ;-)

Architects and Interior Designers, Here's Where You May be Blowing It

Invisible speakers at DSI Los Angeles

I've seen've seen it. A beautifully-designed space that at first wows you, then, as you notice the details, leaves you asking "how did they forget to fix that?" It could be something fairly obvious like the placement of a door, but often it is something that detracts from an otherwise coherent room design.

Speaking as an electronics integrator, we see cringe-inducing offendors as:

D-Cinema or Prima Cinema? First-Run Movies in Your Home Theater

Barco D Cinema Projector at DSI Entertainment Los Angeles

A lot of our entertainment industry clients are building private home theaters and asking us how they should go about getting first-run movie content for their theater. Up until now the only way to get the latest Tom Cruise movie in your home on the Friday night it hits theaters was to become a member of the exclusive Bel-Air Circuit. If you have enough pull in the entertainment industry, a few phone calls will get you whatever movie you desire on a hard-drive while it is still in theaters. The drawback is that you need to purchase the same type of projection equipment as the local Arclight theater. 

The Most Popular DSI Audio Video Blog Articles of 2012 - Part 2

cheap audio video installer warning

Our final post for 2012 is part 2 of "The Best of 2012", the most popular blog posts by way of page reads. One of these is what I think is about the most incredible "TV" ever created...a 201" outdoor TV by C SEED that unfolds out of the ground! Here are 4 more articles to enjoy...

The Most Popular DSI Audio Video Blog Articles of 2012 - Part 1

RadioRA 2 lighting systems at DSI Entertainment Los Angeles

Another year has flown by and here we are at the end of 2012 already. Many thanks to our clients, referring partners, and many blog readers that have made it a good year. To finish the year we'll share our top 8 most popular blog posts of 2012. Enjoy, and looking forward to a great 2013...

4 EXCELLENT Gift Ideas for People Who Love Music and Movies

Sonos Play5 music bundle at DSI EntertainmentWould you like some expert advice on finding the perfect gift for the music or movie lover in your life? Here are four surefire options that are available now from DSI Entertainment Systems:

1 - Sonos music bundle - Play:3 or Play:5 with "Bridge" - $299 / $399

Everyone enjoys music. Give the gift of the music system that is not only easy to use, but takes just a couple of minutes to plug in and start enjoying. Plus, this music solution is portable (you just need an AC plug nearby).


Hey Bigfoot, How About Sizing Down to a Smaller Carbon Footprint?

energy monitoring with iPad DSI Entertainment Systems

All of us are aware of global warming, and even if you are among the doubters that mankind is causing it, no doubt you know we use a LOT of energy in this country and how much your electricity bills can cost. Ouch! Thanks to new energy management systems, your home can:

  • show you how much energy your home or business is using
  • enable remote control over your thermostats
  • give you suggestions for saving energy
  • notify you via text or email if a problem is found
  • if you have solar panels, show you how much solar energy you are generating and consuming, and track power flowing to and from battery storage arrays
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