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Big August of 2013 DSI merged with 5 other high-end home technology integrators, and the new company is called VIA. For new blog posts, visit us at Be sure to bookmark our new site and subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the box on the right side of the page.

VIA is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. VIA's clients enjoy state-of-the-art home technology including home theater, home automation, IT networks, and custom audio video solutions that integrate elegantly or disappear entirely into the home's design. As the nation’s largest and most-awarded home technology integration firm, VIA is uniquely qualified to provide its clients with an intuitive user experience, reliability, and concierge-level service. Visit to learn more. 

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The Most Popular DSI Audio Video Blog Articles of 2012 - Part 1

RadioRA 2 lighting systems at DSI Entertainment Los Angeles

Another year has flown by and here we are at the end of 2012 already. Many thanks to our clients, referring partners, and many blog readers that have made it a good year. To finish the year we'll share our top 8 most popular blog posts of 2012. Enjoy, and looking forward to a great 2013...

Digital Wallpaper - A Great Digital Signage Option for Retail

NanoLumens custom display shapes

It seems no matter where we go we are inundated with digital signage displays, whether it is retail store fronts, bars & restaurants, airports, stadiums, or hotels. And it was only a few short years ago that we thought these new technologically advanced forms of video advertising were cutting edge and very cool. Today? Consumers have learned to block these out just as fast as we’ve learned to fast-forward past commercials on our DVR's.

Large Screen Flexible/Bendable Video Display Available Now! (video)

NanoLumens flexible video display

This 112" diagonal video display made by NanoLumens is flexes and bends and puts out a VERY bright picture. Rob Jackson and Kyle Porter of NanoLumens were kind enough to drop by DSI headquarters in Los Angeles this past Monday (October 11, 2010) to give us a live demonstration of their amazing technology. We were so blown away with it that we just had to shoot a quick video to share with all of you...the only video camera on hand was the one built into the iPhone it is a bit grainy, but not bad considering!

Some more statistics on this flexible video display: it is called the NanoFlex and it weighs only 80 pounds and is about 1" thick. It can bend in a 36" radius, which means you can wrap it around columns. It has very low power consumption...only about 450 watts, which is amazing considering the size of the picture. As you can figure out by now, this is a fairly portable video display...we see it being used in all sorts of digital signage applications. The front video surface is waterproof, too, leading to even more possible applications.

This "flexible TV" uses an array of LED's to create the image, and these pixels are fairly small, but you do need to be several feet back for the picture to look smooth. In other words, the pixels are larger and more noticeable than a plasma or LCD TV if you are too close to it.

As you can tell from this video, NanoLumens has created a breakthrough with this new video display. You can order one through DSI AV, which is DSI Entertainment Systems' commercial audio video division. You can reach DSI AV at 866-692-8489 or contact Tim Knittel, DSI AV's Director of Commercial Business Development by clicking this link.


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