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Big August of 2013 DSI merged with 5 other high-end home technology integrators, and the new company is called VIA. For new blog posts, visit us at Be sure to bookmark our new site and subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the box on the right side of the page.

VIA is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. VIA's clients enjoy state-of-the-art home technology including home theater, home automation, IT networks, and custom audio video solutions that integrate elegantly or disappear entirely into the home's design. As the nation’s largest and most-awarded home technology integration firm, VIA is uniquely qualified to provide its clients with an intuitive user experience, reliability, and concierge-level service. Visit to learn more. 

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High-end home theater beats cineplex
Today's higher-end home theater systems outperform the commercial cineplex hands down. No contest. This reality became very apparent to me recently when I stayed late at our Los Angeles showroom to watch Tron Legacy in 3D. It was time to finally watch a movie from start to finish on this amazing home theater...afterall, I have the keys to the place. I invited my brother to watch it with me, and it was fun to watch his reaction to seeing this movie we both love, as it felt like watching it for the first time for both of us. Why was it so different than the cineplex? A few will be described next. It was so much fun that we want YOU to experience this, too (if you live in or around Los Angeles). Here are reasons why a high-performance home theater blows away the cineplex:

1 - The Environment...

The showroom, designed to resemble a nice luxury residence, is peaceful, quiet, and doesn't have sticky floors and tweens texting during the movie. It is relaxing, and to top it off, I've built up a small liquor cabinet there for when we host events, so a cocktail just adds to the fun and relaxation (we had Long Island Iced Teas that night, so we were definitely in "chill" mode).

luxury home cinema by DSI Entertainment Systems Los Angeles
2 - The Performance...

Our demonstration theater uses ultra high-performance home theater brands and components, fitting into the entry-level of the higher-end of theater designs. The room is fairly small, so it is limited in a few ways, but nonetheless, performs incredibly. As in "knock your socks off" powerful if you get too liberal with the volume control.

It features a THX-certified JBL Synthesis sound system, Digital Projection Titan 3D projector, Crestron touchscreen control (we use a Crestron-connected iPad in the theater, too), and ultra comfortable leather Fortress theater seats with D-BOX motion actuation. Bottom line...Wow! The D-BOX seats add a whole new "you are there" level of engagement (see this blog post to learn more about D-BOX > Adding Realism to Home Theater).

My brother and I looked at each other a few times during the movie and laughed out loud how amazing the experience was so much more fun than going to the local movie theater can ever hope to be. Yes, our screening room's home theater system is roughly $150K, but to quote Ferris Bueller: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up". If you'd like to keep that $150K in your bank account, don't schedule a demo. (But, you can schedule a demo, see below). You have been warned!

PRIMA Cinema home theater
3 - The Convenience...

A home theater is in...well, you guessed it...your home. No having to drive anywhere, find parking, stand in any lines, drive home when you're tired, etc. In the past, I would never have listed safety as another justification for a home theater before, but then again, a nut job entered a theater in Colorado on opening day of 'Dark Knight' and killed 12 people and wounded over 50 not too long ago. Your home is safe place to be, and a good home theater becomes a magnet for your kids and their friends, as they'll want to watch movies and play games on your huge screen.

4 - The Comfort...

Sitting in plush, supportive, comfortable reclining theater seating brings another level of enjoyment to the experience. The seat backs were purposely designed to support the base of your head but not be so high as to block off the sound from the rear channel speakers, as do many cineplex seats these days. And, as you know, most commercial theater seats aren't so comfortable to begin with.

High end home theater systems Los Angeles by DSI
5 - First Run Movies in Your Home...Yes, Really

Here's another the past, if you wanted to watch a major blockbuster on opening day, you'd be forced to line up at the local cineplex, but no more. A company called PRIMA Cinema brings first run movies to your home day and date with the theatrical release. Ultimate convenience. Read more about PRIMA Cinema here > Movies in Your Home During Theatrical Release.

Also, keep checking back with this blog, as we are about to announce something exciting from one of our vendors that will really add to movie-watching convenience, and no, it isn't another streaming movie service. It is much better. You can subscribe in the box to the right to get blog updates in your inbox.

Are you convinced you should schedule a demonstration yet? I hope so. If you live in or near Los Angeles, all it will cost you is the gas to get to our showroom located at 653 N. Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. It is located 1/2 way between Santa Monica and Melrose Blvd. Open Tuesday - Thursday 10 - 5, Friday - Monday by appointment only. It is always best to schedule an appointment, which you can do by calling (866) 692-8489 or filling out a form (by clicking on the blue button below).

As mentioned, our showroom's home theater system is roughly $150K. Not chump change, but you'll get a lot more use from this investment than a pool or many other expensive home options (see this post for some interesting math > How Much Should You Spend on Your Home Electronic Systems?). If that is way out of your price range, not to worry, we can design and install systems for much less that will still bring years of smiles to you, your family, and looks of envy from your friends.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the state-of-the-art reference-grade home theater, we can demonstrate another system that is valued at over $500K. The performance of this system is truly in a class by itself, I've witnessed many jaws drop during demonstrations. Appointment only...please fill out the form by clicking the orange box below to request a demonstration.

This blog article written by . Follow us on Twitter @DSI_Audio_Video
Josh Christian, Marketing VP of DSI Entertainment Systems