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ihiji - Get the "Hee Bee Gee Bees" out of Your Home!


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When it comes to enjoying the many benefits of modern home electronics like the Internet, WiFi, home theater, whole house music systems, home automation systems, and lighting controls, we all want to feel at ease from convenience and lifestyle benefits from the technology, like the guy pictured above. Since we live in the real-world, though, sometimes we feel like (or are) the screaming guy when something stops working. Live without an Internet connection?? Shyaa....right!!

We've all been there before, frustrated because some piece of technology freaked out and stopped working. Today's post is about a seemingly magic electronic monitoring device we've been using in our home electronics systems recently. It is called "invision" and made by a company called ihiji. Strange company name, amazing product.

Invision allows us to remotely monitor the health of electronics systems, and through a quick glance at an on-screen dashboard, visually see if everything is OK or if some piece of your system (IT network, cable box, satellite receiver, AV receiver, etc.) is acting up. When a problem is detected, it automatically emails our service department. We then log in to ihiji's monitoring system and check out the issue without having to log into your network directly. Many times we can locate the issue and remotely "reboot" that component. Sounds like magic, eh?

It is MUCH better when we proactively can fix a problem before you are even aware of it. But wait...there's more...

ihiji invision network
The invision works by monitoring information that is supplied by a manufacturer's device, and many of the big names in audio/video components and home automation systems work great with ihiji, such as Crestron, Savant, AMX, Control4, Lutron, and more. Ihiji is IP-based, the common network technology that nearly every piece of modern electronics has. Depending on the device, components that use older communications technologies may still communicate with the invision system. Things that can be monitored are:

  • the component's "availability" (is it healthy and responding to the ihiji?)
  • works with modems, routers, switches, home automation components, touch panels, TV's, AV receivers, projectors, DVD/Blu-ray players, CCTV systems, HVAC systems, lighting systems, smart appliances, and more
  • how much lamp life is left? (great for video projectors)
  • component temperature
  • hard drive errors
  • component overload
  • network traffic
When a component begins to overheat, or suddenly gets bogged down with too much network traffic, we'll get alerted so we can check into the problem and often avert a breakdown. 

The hardware cost is minimal...the smaller unit (physically small, too) can monitor up to 50 devices and costs about $400. The step-up model can monitor an unlimited number of devices and is about $1000. There is an annual subscription for the service, with discounts given for 2 and 3-year prepaid subscriptions. The monitoring fee is based on number of monitored devices.

best home automation adviceReliability and customer satisfaction are important to both you and I. We design the ihiji invision into our new connected home / home control system projects. Make sure your audio video integrator does, too. If you are in or near Los Angeles or Santa Barbara and want to know if we can retrofit this to your existing system, give us a call at (866) 692-8489. If you are outside our area, call ihiji direct at (512) 538-0520.

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