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A good home control system will quickly become one of your favorite features of your home. It is an important choice to get right the first time, as you will usually use it many times a day. This free guide will help you make informed decisions about choosing the right home automation system and installation company. Please fill out the form to the right >

You will learn:

  1. What are your control options?
  2. Ease of use - do you find it intuitive?
  3. Customization - can the system be configured for your specific needs?
  4. Considerations on choosing the right control system manufacturer.
  5. The difference between "closed" and open-ended control systems.
  6. Considerations when selecting a home automation installation company.
  7. The need for an enterprise-grade IT network for your control system.
  8. The differences between in-house and 3rd party control system programmers.

These eight points will inform you so you will be able to choose the right control system and installation company that meet your needs.

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